SOUND SYSTEM SEVEN, Because the only GOOD system is a SOUND system!

Greetings, Idrens!

Veteran musicians, including former Archbishops of Blount Street, deliver the skankin'est sound around! If it hits on the twos and fours it's ours and it's yours! We are Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill's CHOICE Ska band.

Andy Powelltrombone, vocals
George Shepherdguitar, vocals
Jonathan Lima guitar, vocals
Derek "dB" Brinson    vocals, keys
Thomas Szypulski    bass guitar, vocals
David Jacksonalto saxophone
Rob Speartrumpet
Bruce Wasseldrums

If you're seeking enlightenment or if you're questioning our street cred, read on. If you just want to know why you should give a rat's ass about us, here it is... We play music. Ska music. Reggae music. Rock music. Pop music. It's ALL pop music or it isn't worth anyone's time.

You listen, you dance and we play. Lather, rinse, repeat. That's all there is to it. If you party with us we promise only those without a pulse will keep still.

Look here and find links to our tour schedule and to our media. If those intrigue you, come back again soon and we'll have more for you.

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Telephone: (919) 744-1286

Post Office: PO Box 3413 Cary, NC, USA 27519


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